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SurGe is a computer program which enables to generate a surface as an interpolation (approximation) function of two independent variables. The program has the following basic features:


SurGe was compiled under MS Windows 7 and it was also tested under MS Windows 2000 and MS Windows XP. It should run under other MS Windows operating systems (including 64-bit) without problems. The system must have at least 64MB of RAM and 2.6MB of free disk space for installed files.

To install the program, follow these steps:

  1. Download and unzip it to SurGe650.exe.
  2. Run SurGe650.exe and perform standard installation steps.

The installation creates shortcut (link) icon to the SurGe Project Manager (SPM.EXE) at your desktop.

It is also recommended to edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT and add the full name of the SurGe directory (for example C:\SURGE) into the environment variable PATH. If your operating system does not use AUTOEXEC.BAT (for example Windows XP), modify PATH in the system dialog "Environment variables".

64-bit version
The users of 64-bit Windows may try 64-bit version of SURGEF interpolation engine (, which is about 20% faster then 32-bit version (

Linux users may try to download and test  the SURGEF interpolation engine (see SurGe User's Manual) as a stand-alone console application (graphical user interface SurGe is not available for Linux). It is also possible to install and run SurGe using WINE:

  1. Install WINE
  2. Download and unzip it to SurGe650.exe.
  3. Open SurGe650.exe with Wine Windows Program Loader and perform standard installation steps.
  4. Edit the file surgef.bat in the SurGe installation directory - add wineconsole in the second line:
    mode CON: LINES=50
    wineconsole C:\SurGe\surgef.exe %1 %2 %3
The installation creates shortcut (link) icon to the SurGe Project Manager (SPM.EXE) at your desktop. Of course, there are some limitations of SurGe functions, because WINE does not interpret MS Windows perfectly.

If you are a new user of SurGe, it is strongly recommended to go through the SurGe Tutorial, where the usage of SurGe is explained step by step.


This version of SurGe is a fully functional unregistered version - the string "Unregistered version of SurGe" is displayed in the upper left corner of every screen. Also SPM and FMEW have certain limitations in the unregistered version. If you want a registered version and to support future development of SurGe, send $20 (US dollars) and your e-mail address to me by ordinary mail (please, do not send a cheque). Then you will obtain a registered version of SurGe by e-mail. Registered users will obtain new versions of SurGe automatically.

If you have any problems or suggestions, contact me via e-mail.

E-mail address:  or

Ordinary mail address:
Miroslav Dressler
Mezi Plutky 144
679 72  Kunstat
Czech Republic

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